Golden Heritage Club Mass

The Golden Heritage Club is a group consisting of Old Boys who left CBC Perth or Trinity College 50 years ago or more. This year those who graduated in 1965 joined other members and Year 12’s for Mass in the College Chapel followed by morning


The TOBA Summer Sports Day saw TC teams verse TOBA teams in Basketball, Cricket, Rowing, Volleyball and Water polo. It was a most enjoyable Friday afternoon with a tie between TOBA and TC for the Stephen Leahy ('78) trophy. Thanks to all staff and volunteers involved in organising teams and

Old boys of Excellence

Julian Pearce ['56]

Julian Pearce ['56]

Australia representative  in 45 international matches.  Defender.  State Colts team 1958 (Captain).  State Senior team (1958) - played for the

Paul Maher ('93)

Perth (Captain) / South Fremantle 1998 Debut Fremantle Dockers 1998 - 2000 Fremantle Dockers