Golden Heritage Club – Trinity vs Aquinas Fixture

18768314_10213570691801405_8061135214470183497_oGolden Heritage Club members attended the Trinity vs Aquinas fixture at Waterford recently. The day commenced with TC Director of Sport providing an update on the PSA and how sport has changed since his time at the College. Br John Carrigg followed with a wonderful history lesson on the PSA before the group enjoyed afternoon tea and barracked for TC on the sidelines.
The pavilion at Waterford is named after the late Timothy Megaw (’40) and we thank Mrs Hazel Megaw for attending with her son Michael Megaw (’66) and daughter-in-law Marie.
Sporting results for the day were:
Hockey 6-0 win to Aquinas
Rugby 41-24 win to Trinity
Soccer 2-1 win to Aquinas
Football 15.10 100 to 10.8. 68 win to Trinity
Cross country 190-276 win to Trinity
Badminton 6-3 win to Trinity
A wonderful afternoon!