Bryan Breheny ('04) scores a tryThe weather didn’t deter the TOBA/TC community last Sunday, with a great turn out to support teams. The TC spirit was abundant, on and off the field!
TOBA won overall, defeating TC in cross country, rugby and soccer and TC winning football and hockey.
We were fortunate to have former WCE player Jacob Brennan (’07) playing on the TOBA football team. Jacob is the son of the football trophies namesake, Michael Brennan (’82) and it was only fitting that Jacob presented the trophy to the winning team (TC First XVIII). Andrew Embley (’98) also a former WCE player received 5 stitched for his efforts on the field!
The medal for TC Spirit was presented to Chris Jones (’97) by the inaugural winner, Bryan Breheny (’04). Chris is a massive supporter of all things TOBA and TC and consistently involved behind the scenes and on the field! Chris recently celebrated 200 games with Trinity Aquinas Football Club.
Huge thanks go to:
TC Director of Sport, Stephen Leahy (’78) and captains, coaches, managers, umpires and referees of both TOBA and TC teams
St John Ambulance
Brendan Molony (’65) and Giueseppe Leone (’91), for their expertise on the barbecue
Graham ‘Kiwi’ Warner and his team for maintaining impeccable grounds
The winner’s trophy namesake, Brendan Ryan (’91) and his father, Michael Ryan, for attending on the day and assisting with presentations.
Cross Country
TOBA 19 / TC 38 — winner TOBA
TC winner — Mack Spiers (12.4)
Overall and TOBA winner — Dave Scott (’10)
Thank you to Geoff Jamieson, Tess Warner, Mack Spiers (12.4), Sam O’Connell (’09), Jack Dewsbury (’11) and Phil Jurjevich (’85).
TOBA 43 / TC 58 — Winner TC
TC Best Player – Steele Cahill (12.2)
TOBA Best Player – John Bell (’97)
Thank you to Peter Oliver, Andrew Jenkin, Jarrad Quatermaine, Liam Martin (12.5), Troy Zafer (’91), Tim Fanowrios (’91), Jason O’Malley and Victor Le Tessier.
TOBA 11 / TC 12 — Winner TC
TC Best Player — Ryan Tan (11.8)
TOBA Best Player — Stuart Zekulich (’13)
Thank you to Frank Main, Claire Wilson, Damien Hansen, Harrison Pell (12.3), Andrew Eyres (’13), James McPherson (’06) and Andrew Tucker (’10)
TOBA 45 / TC 44 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player — Sam Peirce (12.3)
TOBA Best Player — Keenan Meade (’13)
Thank you to Alex Stajka, Tim Carslaw, Candice Brown, Ethan Roux, Damian Pacecca (’03), Will Brock (’04), Bryan Breheny (‘04) and Ollie Milne.
TOBA 8 / TC 2 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player — Max Thorniley (12.5)
TOBA Best Player — Calum O’Connell (’07)
Thank you to Dan Bateman, Trent Piccicacco (’16), Ben Kriszyk, Tim Ludovico and Joshua Marocchi (’07).