TOBA Winter Sports Day 2019

With a blustery day forecast, players and supporters were fortunate to escape with just a few minor showers. The TC/TOBA community were as reliable as ever and turned up with enthusiasm and plenty of TC spirit!
TOBA won the day, with wins across all five sports.
We were fortunate to have former West Coast Eagles players, Michael Brennan (’82), Jacob Brennan (’07), and Andrew Embley (’98) playing on the TOBA football team.
The medal for TC Spirit was presented to Michael Brennan (’82) by the inaugural winner, Bryan Breheny (’04).
A big thank you goes to:
· TC Director of Sport, Stephen Leahy (’78) and captains, coaches, managers, umpires and referees of both TOBA and TC teams
· St John Ambulance
· Brendan Molony (’65) and John Hansen (’58), for their expertise at the barbecue
· Mr Graham ‘Kiwi’ Warner and Mr Dayne Whalan and their teams for their assistance and maintaining Trinity’s impeccable grounds
· Brendan Ryan (’91), the name behind the winner’s trophy, and his father, Mr Michael Ryan, for joining us on the day and assisting with presentations.
For those not aware of the history behind the cup, Brendan Ryan was diagnosed in 1989 with leukaemia whilst in Year 10 at Trinity College. He was left with severe physical impairments and confined to a wheelchair following medical treatment during his long battle with the illness. To recognise Brendan’s fighting spirit, the Brendan Ryan Cup began in 2001. Brendan is a remarkable Old Boy who continues to excel in life.
Brendan addressed players and supporters at presentations with the below words: Friendships are developed at Trinity. The current students will realise these friendships will continue for many years, there will be many times in life when you will be able to support and, in turn, be supported by old school friends. This support may take many forms, whether personal needs or professional networking.  Just appreciate what the TOBA community has to offer you and when you leave the College
I hope those graduating this year will return next year and show those young whipper-snappers in your place now how it is done.
Congratulations to all who survived the games today!
Thank you to everyone who attended. A most enjoyable day for our community!
Cross Country
TOBA 22 / TC 49 — winner TOBA
TC winner — Jaycob Kell (12.6)
Overall and TOBA winner — Matt Smith (’13)
Thank you to Mr Geoff Jamieson, Miss Tess Warner, Ben Allen (12.1), Sam O’Connell (’09), Jack Cleary (’12) and Mr Phil Jurjevich (’85).
TOBA 48 / TC 47 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player – Aidan Austen (12.1)
TOBA Best Player – Chris Jones (’97)
Thank you to Mr Peter Oliver, Mr Andrew Jenkin, Mr Jarrad Quartermaine, Simon Homsany (12.4), Troy Zafer (’91), Tim Fanowrios (’91), Seamus Rafferty (’91) and Victor Le Tessier (12.7).
TOBA 5 / TC 1 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player — Charlie Gilbert (11.3)
TOBA Best Player — Harrison Pell (’18)
Thank you to Miss Anjelica Mallis, Mr Damien Hansen, Harrison Pell (’18), Cam Pell (11.5) and Jeremy Mayne (10.3).
TOBA 49 / TC 38 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player — Damon Winerburn (10.7)
TOBA Best Player — Foggers
Thank you to Mr Alex Stajka, Mr Tim Carslaw, Mrs Candice Brown, JP Starkie (12.8), Keenan Meade (’13) and Bryan Breheny (‘04).
TOBA 7 / TC 2 — Winner TOBA
TC Best Player — Jordan Martelli (10.5)
TOBA Best Player — Jordan De Leo (’12)
Thank you to Mr Dan Bateman, Mr Ben Kriszyk, Alex Moffatt (12.2) and Joshua Marocchi (’07).